Hyundai Palisade: Lighting System / Overhead Console Lamp

Hyundai Palisade (LX2) 2020-2023 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Lighting System / Overhead Console Lamp

Schematic diagrams
Circuit Diagram

Hyundai Palisade. Schematic diagrams

Hyundai Palisade. Schematic diagrams

Repair procedures
Remove the overhead console lamp connector (A) then check for continuity between terminals. If the continuity is not as specified, replace the map lamp switch.

Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures

Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the mounting screws (2EA).
And then remove the overhead console.

Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures

Remove the overhead console after disconnect the connector.

Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures

Install the overhead console lamp after connecting the connector.
Install the lens after tightening 2 screws.

    Room Lamp

    Repair procedures Removal Room lamp 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Detach the lamp lens (A) from the room lamp with a flat-tip screwdriver...

    Hazard Lamp Switch

    Repair procedures Removal 1. Disconnct the negative (-) battery terminal. 2. Remove the audio/AVN keyboard assembly...

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