Hyundai Palisade: Rear Seats / 3rd row seat remote folding/unfolding

Hyundai Palisade (LX2) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual / Safety System of Your Vehicle / Seats / Rear Seats / 3rd row seat remote folding/unfolding

Hyundai Palisade. folding/unfolding

Push the 3rd row seat back folding switch (1) located on the left side of the cargo area. (L : Left seatback folding/unfolding, R : Right seatback folding/unfolding)

You can also fold or unfold the left or right seatback of the 3rd row seat by touching the menu (All menus → Setup → Vehicle in the Infotainment system).

For more details, refer to the separately supplied Multimedia manual with your vehicle.

The 3rd row seat that is remotely folded or unfolded, is controlled only when the shift button is in “P” with Start ON, or the shift button is in “N” and the parking brake is in “ON.”

However, the seat is controlled at any condition in Start OFF state. When the vehicle moves or shifts while the seat is being controlled, the seat may stop operation.

When you press the switch once more while folding and unfolding the seat, operation stops. When you press the switch again, the operation resumes.

With the seat folded, when you press the angle adjusting switch, the seat is unfolded.


Without starting the engine, the 3rd row seat can be folded or unfolded. When this is attempted more than 10 times, the battery may discharge prematurely.

Do not apply excessive force to the 3rd row seat while in operation. It may damage the seat.

When you operate the seat over 5 times with no rest, the electric motor may be overloaded. In this case, the seat changes to overheat prevention mode. Then you cannot operate the seat by pressing the switch. Leave the seat for over 1 minute for later operation.

    2nd row seat folding (from outside)

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    Detection of object caught

    While folding or unfolding the 3rd row seat, when a consistent force is detected, the seat returns to its original position or stops operation. However, this function may not work when the detected resistance is below a specific level or the seat is almost folded or unfolded...

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