Hyundai Palisade: Brake System / Master Cylinder

Hyundai Palisade (LX2) 2020-2024 Service Manual / Brake System / Brake System / Master Cylinder

Components and components location

Hyundai Palisade. Components and components location

1. Reservoir cap
2. Reservoir
3. Reservoir pin
4. Grommet
5. Master cylinder

Repair procedures
Turm ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.
Remove the air cleaner assembly.
(Refer to Engine Mechanical System - "Air Cleaner")
Disconnect the brake fluid level sensor connector (A).

Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures

Remove the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir with a syringe.
Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures   
Do not spill brake fluid on the vehicle, it may damage the paint; if brake fluid does contact the paint, wash it off immediately with water.
Make sure no dirt or other foreign matter is allowed to contaminate the brake fluid.
Separate the brake tube (A) from the master cylinder by loosening the tube flare nut.
Tightening torque :
18.6 - 22.6 N.m (1.9 - 2.3 kgf.m, 13.7 - 16.6 lb-ft)

Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures

Remove the master cylinder (A) after loosening the master cylinder nuts.
Tightening torque :
12.7 - 15.7 N.m (1.3 - 1.6 kgf.m, 9.4 - 11.6 lb-ft)

Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures

Separate the reservoir from the master cylinder after remove the screw (A).

Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures

To install, reverse the removal procedures.
Hyundai Palisade. Repair procedures   
Before installing the pin, apply the grease to the joint pin.
Use a new snap pin whenever installing.
After installation, bleed the brake system.
(Refer to Brake System - "Brake System Bleeding")
(Refer to Brake System - "ESP System Bleeding)
Check the brake oil leakage and pedal operating condition.

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