Hyundai Palisade: Head Restraints / Folding 3rd row headrest (except for center)

Hyundai Palisade (LX2) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual / Safety System of Your Vehicle / Seats / Head Restraints / Folding 3rd row headrest (except for center)

Hyundai Palisade. (except for center)

The headrest will fold down automatically when folding the seatback.

To fold the headrest manually:
- Pull the strap.

To unfold the headrest manually:
- Raise the headrest manually.

Always be sure the headrest has locked into position after you return the seatback.

    Rear seat head restraints

    The rear seats are equipped with head restraints in all the seating positions for the passenger's safety and comfort. CAUTION Adjust the head restraint so the middle of the head restraint is at the same height as the height of the top of the eyes...

    Seat Warmers and Air Ventilation Seats

    Seat warmers (if equipped) Seat warmers are provided to warm the seats during cold weather. WARNING The seat warmers can cause a SERIOUS BURN, even at low temperatures and especially if used for long periods of time...

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    Do Not Install a Child Restraint in the Front Passenger's Seat

    Hyundai Palisade. in the Front Passenger's Seat

    Even though your vehicle is equipped with the OCS, never install a child restraint in the front passenger's seat. An inflating air bag can forcefully strike a child or child restraint resulting in serious or fatal injury.

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