Hyundai Palisade: Highway Driving Assist (HDA) system / Warning Message

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Hands-off warning

Hyundai Palisade. Warning Message

Keep hands on steering wheel

If the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel for several seconds while the HDA system is activated, the system will warn the driver.


If the steering wheel is held with a light grip, the message may appear because the HDA system may not recognize that the driver has their hands on the steering wheel.


The warning message may appear late according to road conditions. Therefore, always have your hands on the steering wheel while driving.

Hyundai Palisade. Warning Message

Highway Driving Assist (HDA) system canceled

If the driver still does not have their hands on the steering wheel after the message "Keep hands on steering wheel", the HDA system will be canceled. However, if the Smart Cruise Control is reactivated manually by the driver, the Highway Driving Assist System will reactivate.

The HDA system will not be in the ENABLED state and/or the steering wheel will not be assisted when:

  • The turn signal is turned on before changing a lane. If you change lanes without the turn signal on, the steering wheel might be controlled.
  • The vehicle is not driven in the middle of the lane when the system is turned on or right after changing a lane.
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control) or VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) is activated.
  • The vehicle is driven on a sharp curve.
  • Vehicle speed is over 95 mph (153 km/h).
  • The vehicle makes sharp lane changes.
  • The vehicle brakes suddenly.
  • Only one lane marker is detected.
  • The lane is very wide or narrow.
  • There are more than two lane markers on the road (e.g. construction area).
  • Radius of a curve is too small.
  • The vehicle is driven on a steep incline.
  • The steering wheel is turned suddenly.

System malfunction

Hyundai Palisade. Warning Message

Check Highway Driving Assist (HDA) system

If there is a problem with the system, a message will appear for a few seconds. If the problem continues, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.


  • Highway Driving Assist is limited in other countries.
  • Highway Driving Assist only operates based on the speed limits of the highway but it does not work with the speed cameras.
  • The time gap could occur between the navigation speed warning and system operation.
  • The system is not designed to work on highways other than mentioned as a controlled access road. The system automatically cancels when you leave the highway.
  • If there is a problem with Highway Driving Assist, the system cannot be activated in the infotainment system screen.
  • If your vehicle is 1640 ft. (500 m) ahead and behind of an open tollgate, the system is automatically canceled. Also, it is converted to Smart Cruise Control automatically with a pop-up message on the navigation.
  • In the automatic speed setting mode, the vehicle automatically accelerates or decelerates when the highway speed limit changes.
  • If your vehicle speed exceeds 95 mph (153 km/h), Highway Driving Assist is automatically canceled. Also, it is converted to Smart Cruise Control automatically with a popup message on the navigation.
  • If you enter a rest area on the highway or a IC/JC (intersection/junction) without a destination set, the system is canceled later than when the vehicle actually leaves the highway.


The Highway Driving Assist system may not function properly in the following situations:

  • The navigation is not working properly.
  • The navigation is not updated.
  • The real-time GPS or map information provided has errors.
  • The navigation is overloaded by performing functions such as route search, video playback, voice recognition, etc. are performing simultaneously.
  • GPS signals are blocked in areas such as a tunnel.
  • The driver goes off course or the route to the destination is changed or canceled by resetting the navigation.
  • The vehicle enters a service station or rest area
  • Android Auto or Car Play is operating.
  • The navigation cannot detect the current vehicle position (ex: elevated roads including overpass adjacent to general roads or nearby roads exist in a parallel way).
  • The navigation is being updated while driving.
  • The navigation is being reset while driving.
  • The road is slippery due to bad weather such as rain or snow.


  • For information's on vehicle to vehicle distance control and the front radar, refer to "Smart Cruise Control (Stop & Go)" in this chapter.
  • For information's on steering control and distance control and the front camera, refer to "Lane Following Assist (LFA)" in this chapter.


This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

Operation is subject to the following three conditions:

1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and

2. This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

3. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user's authority to operate the device.


Radio frequency radiation exposure information:

This equipment complies with FCC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment.

This equipment should be installed and operated with minimum distance of 8 in. (20 cm) between the radiator (antenna) and your body.

This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.

    System Setting and Operation

    System setting With the Engine Start/Stop button in the ON or START position, the Highway Driving Assist can be activated by selecting 'All menus → Setup → Vehicle → Driver Assistance → Highway Driving Assist' from the Settings menu in the infotainment system screen...

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