Hyundai Palisade: AVN System / Specifications

Hyundai Palisade (LX2) 2020-2024 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / AVN System / Specifications

Power source
DC 14.4V (-) ground
Frequency range / Channel space
FM : 87.5 - 108.0 MHz / 100 KHz
AM : 531 - 1602 KHz / 9 KHz
Tuning type
2 ohm x 4
80 pF 75 ohm
parastic current
Within 45 days, an average of less than 1mA is managed
FM : MIN 50 dB
AM : MIN 45 dB

    AVN System


    Components and components location

    Components Location 1. AVN (A/V & Navigation head unit) 2. Front tweeter speaker 3. External amplifier 4...

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    Rear Seats

    Rear seat adjustment

    Hyundai Palisade. Rear Seats

    Forward and rearward (2nd row seat)

    To move the seat forward or rearward:

    1. Pull the seat slide adjustment lever up and hold it.

    2. Slide the seat to the position you desire.

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