Hyundai Palisade: Smart Key / Panic button, Start-up, Mechanical key

Hyundai Palisade (LX2) 2020-2024 Owner's Manual / Convenient Features of Your Vehicle / Accessing your vehicle / Smart Key / Panic button, Start-up, Mechanical key

Panic button

Press and hold the Panic button (5) for more than one second. The horn sounds and hazard warning lights blink for about 30 seconds. To cancel the panic mode, press any button on the Smart Key


You can start the vehicle without inserting the key.


To prevent damaging the smart key:

  • Keep the smart key in a cool, dry place to avoid damage or malfunction. Exposure to moisture or high temperature may cause the internal circuit of the smart key to malfunction which may not be covered under warranty.
  • Avoid dropping or throwing the smart key.
  • Protect the smart key from extreme temperatures.

Mechanical key

If the Smart Key does not operate normally, you can lock or unlock the driver's door by using the mechanical key.

Hyundai Palisade. Panic button, Start-up, Mechanical key

To remove the mechanical key from the smart key FOB, slide the release lever in the direction of the arrow (1) and then pull the mechanical key (2) outward.

To unlock the vehicle using the mechanical key, insert the mechanical key into the key hole in the driver door (Refer to page 3-15).

To reinstall the mechanical key into the FOB, insert the key in the top of the key FOB and push inward until a click sound is heard.

    Opening the liftgate

    Non-power liftgate To unlock and open the liftgate: 1.Make sure you have the smart key in your possession. 2.Press either the liftgate handle release switch on the vehicle for more than one second...

    Loss of a smart key, Smart key precautions

    Loss of a smart key A maximum of two Smart Keys can be registered to a single vehicle. If you happen to lose your smart key, you should immediately take the vehicle and remaining keys to your authorized HYUNDAI dealer or tow the vehicle, if necessary...

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