Hyundai Palisade: Integrated Body Control Unit (IBU) / Description and operation

Hyundai Palisade (LX2) 2020-2024 Service Manual / Body Electrical System / Integrated Body Control Unit (IBU) / Description and operation

Body Control Module Controls The Followings
Wiper & Washer Control
Defroster Control
Driving Control
Tailgate Control
Window Control
Interior Control
Exterior Control
Panic alarm Control
Flasher output Control
Door lock/unlock Control
Burglar alarm Control
Remote start Control
UMS(User Mode Setting) Control
Gateway/ Diagnosis
Integrated Body Control Unit (IBU)
Integrated body control unit has integrated several functions including body control module (IBU), smart key unit (SMK), and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).
Body Control Module (IBU) Functions
Burglar Alarm
Trunk Burglar Alarm
Issues an alarm depending on the trunk operation.
Panic Alarm
Generates warning sound and displays flasher lamp (horn & flasher) depending on the panic signal.
Security Lamp Control
Controls security lamp in vehicle alert status.
External Lamp
Tail Lamp
Turns on / off the tail lamp automatically. It also turns off the tail lamp automatically when the driver forgot to turn off the lamp switch.
Auto Light
Turns on/off the tail lamp and head lamp automatically depending on whether it is day or night when the head lamp switch is placed at Auto.
Welcome Light
The welcome light function turns on the head lamp and tail lamp for 15 seconds when an unlock signal is detected while vehicle door is locked.
Escort Function
Turns on the escort lamp when the power is turned off while the head lamp is on.
It turns on the head lamp and maintains the state for 20 minutes if ignition is turned off while the head lamp is on.
The head lamp remains on only for 30 seconds when the driver seat door is opened and closed during the 20-minute period.
The head lamp turns off when remote control lock button is pressed twice while the head lamp is on.
Head Lamp (Low Beam / High Beam)
Controls high beam / low beam depending on the head lamp switch (multi-functional switch).
Daytime Driving Light Control
Controls the daytime driving light lamp depending on the conditions at the time of vehicle start.
Internal Lamp
Foot Lamp
Turns on/off the foot lamp depending on the power conditions and whether the shift lever is at the P position.
Engine Start Maintenance Button Lamp
Turns on/off the SSB lamp depending on vehicle power conditions, door open / closed status, and alert mode.
Room Lamp
Turns on/off the interior lamp depending on vehicle power conditions and door open / closed status.
Mood Lamp
Turns on/off the mood lamp depending on user settings.
Front / Rear Parking Assist
PAS Display
Receives a signal from parking assist sensor through LIN communication and displays it on the instrument cluster.
PAS Warning
Detects obstacles in front and rear sides using the parking assist sensor (PAS sensor) in the case of gear input (R or D) and issues a warning if there is an obstacle.
Seat Belt Reminder and Indicator Lamp
Issues a warning if the seat belt is not fastened, and prevents pattern activation if the vehicle is driven while the seat belt is not fastened.
Key Reminder Warning
Issues a warning if the driver seat door is open while ACC is on.
Parking Brake Warning
Generates a warning sound if vehicle speed exceeds 5 km/h while IGN is on and parking brake is on.
Sunroof Open Warning
Issues a warning if the key is removed and the driver leaves the vehicle while the sunroof is open.
Wiper and Washer
Wiper (Low / High / Mist / Auto)
IBU receives wiper switch signal via B-CAN and sends the data to wiper motor (embedded) via LIN communication.
Front Washer
IBU sends the washer switch signal to front washer motor.

Smart Key Unit (SMK) Functions
Door Lock and Unlock
Locks/Unlocks the door based on the door unlock signal and the signal from push buttons on the driver seat / passenger seat outside handles.
SMK Welcome Light
Controls door mirror and puddle lamp after smart key authentication when the driver with smart key approaches the vehicle.
Smart Trunk
Opens the trunk if the driver with valid smart key stays in front of the rear bumper (within LF antenna range) for 3 seconds or more.
SMK Warning
Key Reminder 1
When the driver attempts to lock the door, it checks if there is a smart key inside the vehicle and unlocks the door if there is one.
Key Reminder 2
Checks the door lock status for 0.5 seconds after the vehicle door is closed and unlocks the door and generates a warning sound using the external buzzer if the door is locked.
Door Lock Warning 1
Generates a warning sound with the external buzzer if the driver tries to leave the vehicle while ACC or IGN is on.
Door Lock Warning 2
Generates a warning sound with the external buzzer if the driver tries to lock the door and leave the vehicle while one or more doors are open.
Door Lock Warning 3
Searches for a smart key inside the vehicle when the driver tries to lock the door, and issues a warning and does not lock the door if there is a smart key inside.
Key Out Lamp Warning
If the vehicle moves at 3 km/h or less while ACC or IGN is on and the door is open, it searches for the smart key every 3 seconds and blinks the warning lamp if there is no smart key.
SMK RKE (Remote Keyless Entry)
Door Lock / Unlock
Locks/Unlocks the door based on the door unlock signal and the signal from push buttons on the driver seat / passenger seat outside handles.
Performs vehicle panic and panic stop functions based on the panic button signal.
Window Open
Opens/Closes vehicle window based on the smart key signal.
Engine Start
Start Stop Button (SSB), Immobilizer, Start Relay Power Control, SSB Lamp Control

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Functions
Tire pressure monitoring system continuously monitors pressure and temperature inside the tire in order to warn the driver of the changes in tire pressure that may have influence on vehicle driving conditions. TPMS control module analyzes the data from the WE (Wheel Electronic) sensor attached inside each wheel and determines the tire conditions and generates a signal that is necessary for warning lamp control.
Communication Network Diagram

Hyundai Palisade. Description and operation

Interated Body Control Unit
Driver Door Module
Power Tail Gate Module
Interated Control Unit
Engine Control Unit
Moter Driven Power Steering
Sorround View Monitor
Airbag Control Unit
Vehicle Dynamic Control
Smart Cruise Control
Lane Keeping Assist
Blind-Spot Collision Warning
Steering Angle Sensor
Head up Display
Transmission Control Unit
Dual Automatic Temp Control
Four Wheel Drive
Fuel Pump Control Module
Passenger Occupant Classification System
Integrated Memory System
Head Unit (Audio / AVN)
Head Up Display
Rrar View Camera
Front Console Switch
Electric Oil Pump
Shift BY Wire
Wireless Power Chager
Front Mood Lamp
3ND Seat Folding Control Unit
Audio unit
Center Fascia Keyboard

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    2. Passenger's front air bag
    3. Side air bag
    4. Curtain air bag
    5. Driver’s knee airbag

    This vehicle is equipped with an Advanced Supplemental Air Bag System for the driver's seat and front passenger's seats.

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