Hyundai Palisade: Power Liftgate / Automatic reversal

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Hyundai Palisade. Automatic reversal

During power opening and closing if the power liftgate is blocked by an object or part of the body, the power liftgate may be able to detect the resistance.

If resistance is detected while opening or closing the power liftgate, the liftgate will stop and move in the opposite direction.

However, in some instances the automatic reversal system may not detect the object if it is too soft or is very thin, or if the liftgate is almost fully closed near the latched position. Caution should be taken to prevent any objects from obstructing the liftgate opeining.

If the automatic reversal feature operates more than 2 times while attempting to open or close the liftgate, the power liftgate may stop at that position. If this occurs, carefully close the liftgate manually, and then try to operate the power liftgate automatically again.


Never intentionally place any object or part of your body in the path of the power liftgate to make sure the automatic reversal operates.


Do not put heavy objects on the power liftgate before you operate the power liftgate feature. Additional weight may damage the operation of the system.

    Power liftgate non-opening conditions

    The power liftgate does not open when the vehicle is in motion. WARNING The chime will sound if you 3 drive with the liftgate opened. Stop your vehicle immediately at a safe place and check if your liftgate is opened...

    How to reset the power liftgate

    If the battery has been discharged or disconnected, or if the power liftgate fuse has been replaced or removed, reset the power liftgate by performing the following procedure: 1...

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